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An Ode to An Icon

Avion Todd

Yesterday, a woman who pioneered "Hardcore" rap for women was honored. From her first album 'Hardcore' in 96' to lil 'Kim Season' in 16', she's given us everything we aspire to be-- a business woman, a kick ass lyricist, a Queen, and an independent do-whatever-the-heck-she-wants kinda girl. She embodies girl power. In a once male dominated industry, she managed to sell over 5 MILLION records in her her 20 year career  and still has had time to be a mother, confident and friend. #madgoals. With the resilience and support of her killer Behive, she has managed to still be one of the most critically acclaimed female emcees. I know by now you're wondering what LIL Kim has to do with makeup, lipstick, or beauty, so I'll let the cat out of the bag...LiL Kim is the partial inspiration behind the first line of lippies:

Hardcore (First Album 1996)

Crush on You (First single Hardcore 1996)

Not Tonight (Hit single Hardcore 1997)

Custom Made (Notorious K.I.M. 1999)

Magic Stick (hit single La Bella Mafia 2003)

               NOTORIOUS K.I.M. 1999

               NOTORIOUS K.I.M. 1999